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Sunday, March 3, 2013

He Has The Whole World in His Hand

I came across a picture today that I thought was kind of cool.

So, tell me, what do you think?

Yeah, sure, I know ... nice snap for sure but not really that big of deal, right? Certainly not enough to get an honourable blog mention.

Are you sure about that?

JEFF FRIESEN has jumped the rails with his version of taking the train across Canada.
Instead of getting aboard a Via Rail locomotive, he carries a miniature replica of a train with him, sets it down on a miniature track in a landscape and takes a picture for his series, The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada.
.  .  .

The train, five centimetres tall and not quite three metres long, is a replica of the 1959 Canadian, the first train to “almost cross Canada.” It went from Montreal to Vancouver. As a vintage train, it is “a ghost from another age.”

And he's photographed that same train streaking by the turquoise water of Lake Louise, crossing the canola fields of the Prairies, disappearing into a rock tunnel in Ontario and crossing a moss-covered log bridge in Quebec.

Apparently the photos have went viral in Europe and the US, which begs the question of why that hasn't yet occurred in Canada.

You have to admit, pretty cool, right?

And not bad for a Canadian, let alone a Nova Scotian, eh?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Home of My Heart ~ A Photo Blog

About those photos I took last summer on our trip to Cape Breton. I feel moved to share.

These were from where we stayed for the first couple of nights. Dundee Resort. Very nice.

Even nicer when the stay was a very generous uunexpected gift from someone else.

Then we went "on the road", traveling around the Island via the Cabot Trail.

Around the Trail we go.

Unfortunately, my pictures don't even come near capturing the majesty and beauty of the Cabot Trail but we all do what we can.

We spent the remainder of our time in Cape Breton at the Seaparrot,
a wonderful little resort on the ocean

Drinks anyone?

Ah, what is life without a hammock?

Sunning with some friends.

The decor.

But, alas, the time came to leave.

Don't laugh ... it you have a hankering for some excellent eats,
this is the place to be!

Next up ... Boston! I hope. Eventually.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free Falling in Pictures

As promised.

So that be me in the red and black flight suit. And the ridiculous looking helmet.

And that me by brave sister-in-law (the wife of my brother, the pilot, who absolutely refuses to even consider skydiving - make of that what you will) in the black and purple flight suit. And the ridiculous-looking helmet.

You might have noticed that the brave souls we jumped with had much less geeky-looking gear. Which, by the way, exactly why that was was never explained to us.

Update: I'm afraid you will have to head over to Flickr to see my brilliantly witty commentary attached to these photos. Which, for some reason, doesn't appear to show up in the slideshow.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Personality With A Twist

Here's a personality test with a twist!

It's all visual (pick your picture) and is guaranteed to get you thinking.

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

You can find my results here.
A dreamer, an escape artist, a new wave purtian [excuse me, but I beg to differ with that one ... I knew I should have went for the tea and not the beer] and thoughtful.

Et vous?

Update: You can find out all about me on this page ... if you dare! Just check out the right hand side of the page.