Friday, August 10, 2012

Whazzup Doc?

1.  It's too hot.

2.  I like to complain about the heat. Because although I love the concept of summer, MS. Does. Not. Like. Heat. Or. Humidity.

3.  Period.

4.  End. Of. Sentence Story.

5.  The good news is that I am back to wearing flip flops on both feet.  That's right, no more ski walking boot in the middle of summer.

6.  Did I mention it felt like 150 degrees in that boot?

7.  The bad news is (yeah, you knew that was coming) my ankle is more painful without the boot.

8. Believe it or not, I am actually posting on the other blawg.

9.  Just not here. Not entirely sure why. Except I don't seem to have anything to say [gasp].

10. Within the last few days, I've started to get that feeling. That feeling that comes when summer will soon be over. When school will soon be starting. And, in my life, no, that is most definitely not a good feeling.

11. Not working much. Not really working much at all. At least, not doing any paying work.

12.  That last is not by choice, by the way.

13.  Pretty broke. (See above)

14.  Have a fair bit of stuff I could should be doing for my business.

15.  Haven't really been doing much of it.

16.  Now making an effort to force myself to do some of it.

17.  Spending way too much time on FaceBook. Insidious time suck that it is.

18.  Which that might just explain a lot.

19.  Heading over to the Island on Sunday to drop the Kit Kat off at Camp.   Will most likely come home the same day.

20.  Heading back to the Island next Saturday. You guessed it, to pick the Kit Kat up.

21.  Spending one night there before we head to New Brunswick to drop the Blue Jay off at her Camp. At which point, we will head straight home.

22.  Which, that would constitute our entire vacation the grown ups in the family are going to get this year.

And That's All, Folks!