Sunday, June 29, 2014

Samsung S-Drive Program

This looks awesome. I hope it spreads around the world. Soon.

So kudos to Samsung. And this is my little piece in spreading the word.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Whazzup, Buttercup?

Hey there all you hale and hearty fans of Free Falling. How goes it?

Whoa, settle down, settle down, all questions will be answered in due course.

1.  Yes, yes, I am still alive - thanks for asking!

2.  And yes, I have been busy. Very busy, in fact. My, aren't you all a discerning lot.

3.  Well, if you really want to know, I mean if you insist.

Sorry, I can't seem to hear you.

. . .

 . . .

Ah, there you are. Very well - I have been (amongst many other things) preparing for my return to the (part-time) practice of law.

4.  Preparing what? Seriously?? 

5. How's about my office space? My brain? My accounting system? My life? And that's just for starters.

6.  Oh, really, you want to know when?

Very well, that would be ... drum roll please ... wait for it ... July 1st.

7.  Why, yes, that is Canada Day (quite an impressive lot you are, I must say).

8.  No, no, that is only a coincidence. Trust me. But never fear, we shall celebrate both Canada Day and my official return to the practice of law in fine style. That, my good friends, is a promise.

9.  Seriously? You want to know what *other things* I have been up to? You mean this is not enough? What is wrong with you people? What more do you want from me? Blood??

10.  There you go, getting all upset again ... now everyone back in your seats or I won't be saying another word.

. . .

That's better. Now where were we? Crowd control can be sooo taxing at times ....

11.  Sheesh, no sense of humour, this crew. And, just for future reference,

12. Are? We? Clear?

13.  Very well, I will give you one little example of some of those *other things* I have been up to.

14. How about preparing for the high school graduation of BOTH my daughters? Is that good enough for you?

15.  That's right, I said BOTH my daughters.

16. Right, again. Both those graduations will be held this very month.

17.         ...

Sorry, I've just been advised that we're out of time for today. I regret to inform you that no further questions will be taken at this time.

Thank you very much for attending and please feel free to drop donations of any denomination (the bigger the better) in the tip jar on your way out.

What's that? There is no tip jar?

Damm ... I knew I forgot something!

. . .

Buttercup has now left the building.