Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wow, what a great video! You tell them, Megan.


So what say you?  Let's distribute this far and wide.

Share it on your social networks. Share it with your friends. Show it to your children.

But, most important of all ...

Do. Not. Limit.


H/T to Ashley's Mom at Pipecleaner Dreams

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When Words Fail Me ...

This video speaks for itself.

But the saddest scariest thing is this woman is not alone. She may be the only one brave enough to actually type and deliver such a letter, but I can guarantee you she's not the only one who thinks such thoughts.


Perhaps most of those who do would never suggest that a child, any child, should be euthanized or his "non-retarded body parts" donated to science. But they wouldn't hesitate to express their belief that such children should not be going to their neighbourhood schools, should not be participating in the same extracuricular activities as their "normal" children do; perhaps, even should not be taking up scarce dollars in our healthcare system.

We would like to believe that human beings are inherently good. That, most of the time, if we just give them the chance, they will do the "right thing".  Maybe we're right - maybe most are.

But something like this has to make a parent wonder how many more monsters are hiding in the darkness or behind the annonimity of their keyboards. And shudder at the thought.

H/T to Krista Lettues for the video

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NOT Giving Up the Ghost

Nope. Most definitely NOT Giving Up the Ghost.

But, maybe, just maybe, giving up all pretense that this is, in fact,an active blog. Because, really, it's not been looking much like one lately. And, were I to be completely honest with myself [and if not me, then who??], it hasn't for quite some time.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like the blog is actually going anywhere.

No, Free Falling is not going to disappear, fall off the face of the earth or anything like that. It will continue to ... well, Free Fall, I guess. And that is why I am making a point of most emphatically stating that I am NOT Giving Up the Ghost.

But, once upon a time, I use to write about politics and current events. A fair bit, in fact, if my Blog Archive does not deceive my eyes. Alas, not so much [cough, cough] now. But I have decided to make a conscious decision [Did that even make any sense??] to cut myself some slack about that. A lot of slack, in fact. It is what it is and I am (finally) prepared to accept that.

Although, as an aside, I must say that I do have to wonder if I am just shouting into the abyss right now with no one to hear my words but myself. Once upon a time, I use to have regular readers, you see. But now, perhaps not so much. Of course, once upon a time, I also had Lex's readership to draw upon. Again, sadly, now not so much.

Just for the record, I haven't given up blogging, though. A Primer on Special Needs and the Law is still going strong. Which reminds me, if anyone is out there interested, I can cross-post my second 5 Minutes of Fame television debut for you to take a peek at.

But back to the topic at hand.

Then again, I guess I have pretty much summed up the topic at hand. The blog will still be here. And I imagine I will post from time to (unspecified) time. Just because I can.

It's funny; I've never thought of myself as vain and yet I must admit I really do enjoy ~ looking ~ at my blog. I like to make it pretty (must be a gurl thing). So who knows ... I might just find myself changing the background around more than I do posting. And if so, so be it.

Oh yeah, there is one other thing I like to use Free Falling for besides actually, you know, blogging at. It's a great place to keep my own blog roll in one place. Although, were I to be honest, I haven't been using that much lately, either.

But we shall blame that on Facebook - giant time suck that it is; yes, we shall. And, of course, it doesn't help any that I now boast not one, but two Facebook business pages, both clamoring for content at all hours of the day and night.

But, hey, just to prove that Ye Olde Blogroll is still alive and well, I added a new blog to it the other day. [Quick game - can you guess which one it is?] Now, if I can just make sure I get here to actually read them.

And, of course, lest we forget (and I know I never shall), this little spot in cyberspace also boasts The Best of the Best of Neptunus Lex. 'Nuff said.

And so I bid you a fond adieu (at least for now).

And leave you with this naval aviation video.


Just because I can.