Friday, May 16, 2008

What's Wrong With Lawyer Jokes?

Answer: Lawyers don't think they're funny and nobody else thinks they're jokes.

I've had my experience with lawyer jokes. I've also had my experience with dumb blond jokes. And I don't mind either one (actually I think some of the lawyer ones are quite funny). Within reason. It's just when they go on and on. And on. And on. Then they can be a bit much.

I was working as a first year associate at a mid-size (by Halifax standards) semi-swanky law firm. Things were going well with the exception of all the personal injury ad phone calls which were directed my way. First year associate, junior man lawyer on deck, I suppose. But even that was okay, some of them in fact were quite humourous and hard to get through with a straight face and a professional voice.

And then Suzanne came along. She joined the firm as a receptionist out front. Nice girl. University student. A bit young. A bit too young maybe. She liked lawyer jokes apparently. And dumb blond jokes, too. She even brought two type-written sheets of dumb blond jokes to work one Friday. The lawyer jokes, though, I think she saved for me. And that was okay. Like I said, some of them are quite funny.

Well, it was okay. Until they went on non-stop. It got old after a while. Especially having to listen both types of jokes. But the girl did like to joke. And talk. And she came to know my husband's voice on the phone. Or at least she thought she did.

One day, Suzanne put a call through to me from an existing client. But before she put him through, she semi-apologized, telling me laughingly that she thought it was my husband at first. Oh, oh, I thought. First words out of the client's mouth was to ask what was wrong with our receptionist? That she seemed a little goofy. I apologized and told him that for some reason she thought he was my husband. He told me what she had said, I can't remember now what it was, but I do remember thinking that the senior partners would consider it a rather inappropriate comment to make to a client.

And I wondered if the day would ever come that she would mistakenly tell a client a dumb blond lawyer joke. Fortunately, she never did. At least not that I know of. I left the firm shortly thereafter.

Perhaps that's what made me wary of lawyer jokes, though. For some reason, it seems like they are only funny if I tell them. Go figure...

H/T to Divorcing Reality


tam said...

hmmm........I remember answering the phone when I worked for that computer guy and I answered, Valley Credit Union. When the person on the other end said, sorry, I thought I called "certain computer place" I hung up! when the phone rang again, I made someone else answer it.

and then there was the time my friend called me at work, only my co-worker answered my phone and my friend, being the dummy that he was/is, didn't recognize that it wasn't me and said, "hey ugly, what are you guys doing for supper tonight?" Boy, he was embarrassed!

Is there a point to this? Nope, just me rambling because it's 3:50 and I no longer feel like working!

Love ya MMC......see you soon.

tam ;)

Eddie Law said...

Talking about answering phone, I have many funny experience whereby I was always mistaken by many callers that I was a lady. I guess, my voice must be very soft then. hahaha!