Wednesday, April 1, 2009

'You Can Call Them Your Friends or An Inspiration'

As much as the word "retard" does personally bother me (and believe me, it does), I must admit that I do rather think that this campain to "Ban The R Word" is a bit misguided.

But that being said, it's rather hard impossible to argue with the sentiments expressed in this video.

H/T to Pipecleaner Dreams


Eileen said...

I see what you mean and I feel the same - but somehow I believe that nothing is gained by actually banning the R word. Those who want to use it as an insult will probably continue to do so - wouldn't it be som much nicer that people CHOSE not to use it? I confess to having used it in the past but never when referring to somebody with disabilities - very much the contrary - but today, no today I don't and won't use it. I would like to add that it never meant much when I did say it... Does this sound lame?

MMC said...

I agree that we can't ban the word. Actually, even the whole reference to it as "the R word" is pretty lame in my mind. But I would like to see people to be a bit better educated, to stop and actually think before they speak. There is power in language and too often the result is to hurt others, whether intentional or not. And I really like the video.