Monday, June 8, 2009

History in the Making?

Update: Yes, We Can Did!!

They" (whoever that might be) say Nova Scotia just might be about to make history come Tuesday. In that we just might elect the Province's first NDP government.

And we all know the polls don't lie.

Of course, the amusing thing is that even among the ever increasing number of those who solemnly promise to change their allegiance from their standard Liberal or Conservative vote there is a lot of trouble believing it will actually happen.
Gordie Rendell is the kind of voter NDP Leader Darrell Dexter is trying to persuade to support the New Democrats in the waning days of Nova Scotia’s provincial election campaign.

In Rendell’s case, the deal appears to be done as he told the Opposition leader he would switch his allegiance on Tuesday from the Liberals.

The main thing is that we do need a change," the retired broadcaster said as Dexter canvassed over the weekend in Chester, a South Shore community considered one of the key battlegrounds in the election race.

But Rendell also sounded a note of caution for the NDP, saying he wasn’t sure other older voters, who have traditionally voted Liberal or Conservative, would switch their votes.
Equally amusing, or last disconcerting, is the fact that I, myself, fit firmly in that category. Of disbelief.

After years of polls showing the NDP's growing support and the fact that they fell only one seat short of the ruling Conservatives last time around, it's hard to believe things will ever be any different in this province. This very Traditional, very conservative province.

Of course, we have elected three minority governments within the past decade. Perhaps it really is time for a change.

And despite having been falsely accused in the past of always having had orange signs on my lawn (reality being that we have never displayed any party's campaign sign), I think I would be just as happy to see a minority NDP government.

Yup, I said minority. I know. I'm kind of funny that way.


Isabelle said...

I wonder what people are afraid of ... considering its been the Conservatives and the Liberals who, over the years, have put this province $12,000,000,000 in debt. If you had a spouse who was that irresponsible with the family finances would you stay with them?

tam said...

I will be proudly wearing my orange jacket to the polls today....this long standing blue chicky looks so much better in orange anyway!

MMC said...

Now that's definitely something I didn't expect to see. Will wonders never cease?

tam said...

Well, the first two have not done anything stellar to make me want to vote for them, so why not give someone new a chance.

Many years ago, when I was young and idealistic I always voted NDP. Then I fell to hubby's family of Conservative peer pressure and switched. However, being older (not necessarily wiser) I no longer feel the need to bow to the old traditional lines. Hubby has also been swayed to my way of thinking. That is quite an accomplishment, believe me!

MMC said...

Consider this an update: I do believe it will occur. We WILL have a NDP gov't for the first time ever in Nova Scotia.

And considering I use to be a Prairie Girl and grew up in NDP-very-friendly Saskatchewan, I'm bascially okay with that. :D

Balancing Act said...

Hey Michelee - just dropping in to say hello and wondering how you have been.


MMC said...

Well, I've been right here.
Although I could ask where you've been ... but I have the feeling the answer would be hanging out on Facebook. ;-)