Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As in I finally managed to download upload 1035 pictures from my camera to my computer.  What?!

So it took me a while to actually install the software, what's your point?

Summer Olympics 2010.

Cape Breton trip 2010.

Trip to Boston.  Which was in the Fall of 2010.

I only mention that because, would you believe, I had actually had to look back to the old blog posts to see when that was.  It seemed like it must have been at least 2009.  Not a good sign, me thinks.

Summer Olympics 2011.

Anyway, the point of this (mostly pointless) post is that now that I finally have those pictures off my camera, I might just get some up here on my blog.  Who knows, I might just go wild and crazy and make some albums for Facebook too.

Then again, maybe we I shouldn't get too excited ... although I took those 1035 pictures off my camera last Thursday, so far I have only had a chance to actually look at 100 of them. 

Unless, of course, you count the times I stop while passing my computer to stare in wonder at my ever-changing screensaver of these pictures I now recall taking but have never actually viewed before. 

Baby steps...


Hogdayafternoon said...

Greetings from the UK> Looking forward to the Cape Breton pics. Was there myself 3 yrs ago, stopped over in Cheticamp too, joined a local singer (our B&B hostess) in a great evening of local songs at the cafe across the road. It rained like crazy! If you haven't made it yet, can I commend the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival to you. What a blast :)

MMC said...

Welcome Hogdayafternoon. Nice to see a fellow (semi?) Canadian drop by.

Cape Breton is a beautiful place, all right. Although I'm originally from out West I lived in Sydney for 3 years when I was in undergrad. That's also where I met my husband so I now consider myself at least an Honourary Cape Bretoner.

I was wondering when you said Lunenburg, though - did you mean Louisburg? There is a Lunenburg on the beautiful South Shore, of course, but it's not on the Island.

Anyway, I will see what I can do to get those pictures up. I am proud to say I have now actually sorted through them all anyway. ;-)

Hogdayafternoon said...

Hi Michelle, I have dual nationality thanks to my Toronto born mother. I have a Canadian passport and although I've never lived there I consider myself 100% Canadian and 100% British - cousins all over the place!
I meant Lunenburg. Spent many holidays there. Just came off the phone from good chums there, sponsors of the folk harbour festival. We've been considering a move there but unsure if we could do the whole 4 seasons - our friends can't and they're born and bred :))

Hogdayafternoon said...

PS: We have friends in Annapolis Royal too, so there's no escaping!

MMC said...

You should be brave and give Canada a try - the people make up for the winter weather!

Annapolis Royal is much closer to us, we live about 30 - 45 minutes east of there in the Annapolis Valley. So if you're ever down/up/over this way ...