Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Defining Crazy

Sitting here at work, late on a Wednesday afternoon ... and my mind turns to examine my day.

I left home this morning around 8:30 to make the 1.5 hour working day commute to Halifax. Spent the rest of the morning in a meeting with another a parent of like mind, the Minister of Education, her Executive Assistant and the Director of Student Services for the Province.

Meeting complete, Krista and I stopped for a coffee and a long quick chat.

Then, off to work.

But, alas, I can't stay at work because I have to make it up the our regional children's hospital before 4:30.

Up to the hospital, errand complete and realizing that I am now outside the 15-minute window that would have guaranteed me free parking, I decide I might as well check and see if a certain social worker is in her office.  For to move along my efforts to get some additional services for the Blue Jay. 

A very good decision as it turned out; the 10 minute wait to see her being more than the worth it; presumably anyway - let's just say it will be if things get moving along again now as they should.

Then, back to the Barristers' Library (through rush hour traffic, of course), park the car, grab a quick supper and, now, back to work. Where I will most likely be for another 2.5 to 3 hours. 

Then the 1.5 hr commute home.  Thank goodness for audio books to keep me awake!

My day ... productive, yes, but it would be nice to stay in one place (both physically and mentally) for more than a couple of hours.  I think I'm starting to discover the definition of mental whiplash.

*Oh yeah, lest we forget, we can now throw just a tablespoon of blogging in the mix too!

**And for anyone wondering if I might ever get back to something substantive in these here parts (and that most definitely includes me!), I can tell you that I do have a very substantive blog post rolling around in my head.  Actually, it's been trapped in there for close to a year now but recent events appear to have revitalized it somewhat.  The only real problem being that it is substantive.  Which is just another way of saying "time-consuming to compose".

And so, the plan is to get back to you on that, just as soon as the juggling show slows down a mite. And I manage to down a few Tylenol.


Hogdayafternoon said...

So, how long does the commute take in the depths of winter? I ask because our friends from Lunenburg are never there in the winter months. In fact, they are gone by the end of November and try not to return until the end of May. I thought NS winters were among the easier ones when compared with what my old pal gets in Newmarket, Ont. Are you hoping to becme a snowbird once the pension kicks in? ;)

MMC said...

LOL Sadly, I am afraid there will never be a pension - an unfortunate by-product of being self-employed. And, no, I need the seasons anyway, can you imagine Christmas without snow??!!

The commute isn't really that much longer in the winter, I find it depends more on the time of day (traffic) than anything else. Although my sense is the winter driving might be a bit worse from the South Shore (Lunenburg) into Halifax. Not that I really know...

We have bad winters, not-so-bad winters and good winters ... like most places, I imagine.