Thursday, January 19, 2012

Never Say Never

Untitled from Nep Lex on Vimeo.

He flies again!

When I first started hanging out at Lex's I asked him once in comments whether he had ever considered flying for an airline, it appearing that his fighter pilot days were over. Not that I worded it quite that way, of course!

Anyway, he replied no, he thought he would never fly again. Having once partaken of government-sponsored crack cocaine there was no going back (or down?) to mere commercial flight.

But, as life turned out, a few years later, he took on a weekend job flying tourists and other assorted types in dog-fight flights in these babies. With the occasional  learn-to-fly jaunt thrown in for good measure.

A few years after that, he decided to learn how to pilot taildraggers, whatever they might be.

And now, in his own way, he's back in the fighter pilot game.

Which just goes to show you. Never. Say. Never.

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