Sunday, November 25, 2012

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things ...

UPDATE: I hadn't watched the Dreamers video for quite a while and when I watched it again last night, it really spoke to me:
Whatever happened to the dreamers?  
They always look beyond the sky 
Saw a world they could believe in  
But only when they close their eyes 
Where are they now? 
They've all left town  
Bring in the clouds 

Whoever posted the video dedicated it to their brother. I hereby re-dedicate it to Lex.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

My computer having been without sound for close to nine months, it was mighty nice to get it back a few weeks ago. So nice, in fact, that one of the first things I did was start jiving with some of my favourite tunes.

Which got me thinking that, really, it was only fair to share some of those favourites (via video) with you.

So here you go, for your (and my) listening pleasure, I offer a few of my favourite things.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

One of my absolute favourite songs to listen to. It always puts a grin on my face,
I offer you Teterboro.

A beautiful video posted by Lex in the way back.

Only makes sense that this should be one of my favourite things, seeing as how many
days of my life it seems to capture lately.

Okay, not musical but ... it's always good for a grin.
And, just for the record, it's TOPGUN, one word, no caps. Fools.

I post this video pretty much every Remembrance Day.  The fact that it's sung, not
just by a Canadian, but by a Nova Scotian (Terry Kelly) certainly doesn't hurt but
it really grabs me because it's a beautiful, moving video and song.

In the category of "Not Music But I Could Easily Listen To It Over And Over Again",
I offer you what I like to title "You Can Call Them An Inspiration or You Can Can
Call Them Your Friend".

In the same category as the above - I find this incredibly moving.

What can I say? I am Canadian, eh?

This? This. Is. Just. Funny.


And last, but not least, a song so nice I named my blog after it.

And there you have it. Just a few of my favourite things.

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