Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Slice of Americana Canadiana

An actual conversation between myself and HWWNBN late last night:
HWWNBN: Why are my papers (various quotes for building material that he left on a coffee table) all messed up? 
MMC: Because they were on top of the coaster I needed. 
MMC: But why are the papers on the table, anyway? 
HWWNBN: They're quotes ... (indignantly) 
MMC: Yeah, but you've already bought the stuff! 
HWWNBN: Yeah ....   
HWWNBN:  They're garbage. 
MMC: So let me get this straight - you left your garbage on the table instead of throwing it out? And now you're complaining because somebody messed up your garbage? 
MMC: Seriously?? 
At any rate, I am pleased to report that when I got up this morning the garbage, excuse me, his papers were gone from the table.


OldAFSarge said...

I have been on the losing side of that argument.

MMC said...

That's not an argument, OldAF Sarge. That's just plain old fashioned logic taking the day.

And they say women aren't logical ... pphhtt! :D