Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Perfect Homage to my Favourite Show ... EVER

So. I haven't blogged here for ... ahem ... a little while. [Nothing to see here ... move on now.]

I guess it just took the right thing to motivate me. The right thing being watching the entire DVD set of White Collar (six seasons) twice. Back to back. Well, okay, I might have taken one night off in between ... I mean, it's not like I'm obsessive or anything.

 Goodbye Neal. We'll never forget you.

Goodbye for now anyway. I mean, I do still have the DVD set. I will give it a break for a while, but I picture the next go-around being slightly more selective ... only my (many) favourite episodes.

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PatsyAnne H said...

Thanks for sharing my fan video Michelle. Glad you like it. White Collar was THE BEST show ever (in my opinion) Lol. I miss it terribly. I was lucky enough to win a few items from the show when they auctioned them all off at the end of the series. I still live in hope that there may be a White Collar movie at some point in the future. I believe it has been discussed by Jeff Eastin and Tim DeKay, and I know Jeff is working on a new project at the moment for Tim and Willie x