Monday, October 27, 2008

On The Road ... Yet Again

Off to take the Kit Kat to the big city for her bi-annual psycho-educational testing. The testing is tomorrow (pretty well an all day event) but we will go in late this afternoon and spend the night at the infamous Ronald MacDonald House.

I would say that posting will be light over next couple of days but, chances are, no one would really notice. Since posting has been pretty light lately anyway. I suppose I should get back to posting something about politics. Heaven knows there's enough of it around lately.

But here's the thing. It's hard to keep up with two blogs and, believe it or not, that second one gets even lighter posting than here. It might just feel a wee bit neglected at times.

And then there's American politics. While often fascinating (much like watching a train wreck lately), it does tend to get old after a while. These (feel like) two year long election cycles really have to go, me thinks. They could definitely take a lesson from us Canucks on this one ~ short, sweet and relatively clean month-long campaigns. Where, afterwards, nothing not much has changed. Yup, must be a lesson there somewhere.

Anyway, as I said, I will soon be on the road with She Who Is Driving Me Crazy. Wish us luck, please. In all ways, shapes and forms.


Punkys Dilemma said...

Have a safe trip my friend. Good luck with Kit Kat's testing. We'll "see" ya when you get back. After a very long break, I'm sure! I can only imagine these trips have to be exhausting!

Re: American politics??? Oh honey, you don't know the half of it. I'm definitely ready to pull out my already short hair. If we would only listen to you folks (you Canucks :), we coulda prevented alot of strangling of family and friends.....sigh!

Stay safe!

MMC said...

Thanks, sweetie.
Me still be on the road, but fortunately (?) the internets follow me everywhere.

Kris, in New England said...

Good luck with everything. We'll be here when you get around to us.

Believe me - American politics have taken 2 years this go around and they feel a whole lot longer. I'm terrified of the results next Tuesday but quite frankly, I'll be so relieved it's finally over that my terror - should the result be what I don't want - will likely be delayed as I bask in the joy of no more primaries, no more debates, no more endless speeches.

neardem said...

Being November and seeing this was written in October all I can say is that I trust it went well and would love to know.

MMC said...

Yeah, it went well, I suppose. We don't get the full, official "report" and meeting for a month but it was ... interesting.

Thanks for asking! :D