Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Word To My American Friends

Updated Below
Assuming I actually have any, that is. But I think do.

Here's the thing. Like I've noted before, I rather like watching American politics. At least recently. I must confess I find the topic much more interesting since becoming a regular at Lex's. Probably because I know and understand a lot more than I use to. Maybe even more than is good for me.

So, I witness a lot of the angst and hang-wringing that's going on on both sides in the never-ending lead-up to this election. Now the "bad news", so-called considering that the majority (that would be all three) of my American friends who visit here occasionally tend to lean towards the right, is that I am pretty sure that Obama will, in fact, win the election.

The good news (and I know this is where we will pretty sharply part ways) is that it will not be the end of the world. Repeat. Not. The. End. Of. The. World. The sun will rise (or not) the next day and life will go on.

Look, when the Pubs win, the Dems cannot help but spout that those damn neo-cons stole the election. Witness 2000 and 2004. And if/when the Dems win, the Pubs will go on and on ... and on ... and on about how the Dems stole the election. I believe they call it politics.

But politics being what politics is I seriously doubt (arguments of the left re: Bush aside) that anyone is going to do too much 'damage' over the next four years. And I use the term 'damage' a bit loosely considering that it's a "lefty" "socialist" writing this post.

But hey, you must at least admit, I hope, having come to know and love me, that perhaps, just perhaps, not all lefty socialists are all that bad. Right? Er, I mean, umm, left?

Trust me. November 5th will come. Hopefully soon. And life will go on.

* * * * *

Update: Never think for one moment that I labour under some delusion that the choice of an American president will not affect me or my country. It will affect every county to some degree (just the way of the world) but being next-door neighbours and significant trading partners, a person would have to be significantly naive to think otherwise. Any perceived "arm-chair thrill" that I may seem to enjoy is only due to the blunt reality that I am totally unable to influence this election. I hold no vote. The choice of who governs Americans must, of necessity, be made by Americans.

But let me draw this analogy. Lex and others have penned many a story about their interactions with their Russian counterparts during the Cold War. And, if I understood correctly, they noted on occasion that, in retrospect, perhaps the potential bite of the Bear was not quite as great as that feared. No, I am not comparing Obama and the Dems to the Soviet Union (as tempting as that comparison might be to some), but I am suggesting that perhaps the 'bite' of this potential Democratic government will not be as bad as some Americans might fear.

Although time will be the ultimate arbitrator on the issue, I can't help but be reminded of the recent Congressional elections, when such fear was expressed by some Americans that I truly started to wonder how they would handle life the next day, should the worst befall them. As it ultimately did.

And I have noticed that some Pubs like to ridicule those of the Dems who, in the past, have threatened to flee the U.S. to Canada (oh joy, oh bliss) should their election be 'stolen' from them yet once again. Amazingly, they seem to have survived. Much, I suggest, as we all will. That's all.


Kris, in New England said...

Michelle - with due respect the world may not end but it will get a whole lot darker if The One takes the Oval Office.

His tax plans alone will remove from my wallet a large chunk of my hard earned money. His healthcare plan will do more of the same.

He is a socialist masquerading as a politician. Should the Democrats win many of the open seats in Congress, it will be Democratically-controlled Congress w/out any filibuster option for the Republicans. And if Obama wins, there will be no end to the damage they will do. No checks and balances.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say that you may enjoy watching it and get some kind of armchair thrill from it all - but you don't have to live with it should the worst happen.

Then again, Obama's lack of foreign policy experience coupled with Biden's inability to keep his mouth shut on things he knows nothing about - may just bring the nightmare of an Obama campaign into the homes of our closest neighbors...making your world a whole lot darker too as irrational thugs worldwide realize that the United States is a big target, but North America is a bigger one.

tam said...

You know MMC, I am the most least political person I know....heheh.

But regardless of who goes into "power" I have to think we as Canadians will suffer - as we always seem to do at the heavy-handed policies the American government likes to chuck on us - mad cow anyone! or softwood lumber.... Will we suffer more or less is the question - one I don't really have an answer to. I do think that Obama is the better choice (sorry Kris - my personal opinion only - with some influence from media and family/friend conversations in the US). I just don't like McCain or that Alaskan chick he's got for a running mate.

So, there's my Canadian two cents - which isn't worth as much as it was a few months ago.

It is just so irritating that we, as Canadians, are so involved in American politics. Maybe it's our nature to be the nosey neighbor, or maybe we're just more interested in them than in our own government. Whatever, it always drives me bonkers when the Chronicle Herald makes American politics front page news. I seriously have my doubts that Canadian politics have ever made the front page of any American paper.

Love ya mmc.......some day I'll tell you about my battles with your lovely local politician. Let's just say "Tory Blue" is a color that makes me want to vomit.

tam :)

MMC said...

Tam, let me know when you'll be down this way again. We must be overdue for a drink.

As to the politics, of course we are affected. The entire world is affected by American politics, we're just more affected due to living next door. But still, for the most part, I would say we mostly pay attention to US politics because we want to. It's not like anyone is actually forcing us. And you must admit, it's often more interesting than the Canadian variety.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought we were friends? Re: "Now the "bad news", so-called considering that the majority (that would be all three) of my American friends who visit here occasionally tend to lean towards the right,"

Since I never lean toward the right, but am firmly planted very right ;-) am I not your friend? Or am I just a "minority?"

MMC said...

And to think that I was tryng so hard to be ... politically correct. With the unpolitically correct crowd. :D

neardem said...

I really enjoy reading you. I have been stuck to the election campaing, fascinated by American politics and yes, it does affect the world because well, hey, they are powerful and are always present one way or another and ... simply a fact of life. But I've been fascinated every 4 years, yep, always watched US Elections ... since the Kennedy victory. I believe, I hope, I trust Obama will be the patriot he has to be, the statesman he promises to be and intelligent enough to surround himself by the best men and women for the different positions/aspects/spheres that make up government and politics.
I wish America well.
As a fellow foreigner I say hey from way down south.