Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stupidest Comment Ever

So here I sit, moseying through the Sunday paper, much of it proclaiming Obama's win [to be], when I come across this column entitled "Long to-do list awaits Obama".

Which, after going on about Obama being sure to *win* the Presidency although he might just not because you can never really know for sure due to the "Bradley factor" and the inaccuracies inherent in polls ... comes to this conclusion:

If McCain wins the vote Tuesday, then, there are more closet bigots in the U.S. than we would want to imagine.
Which makes oh so perfect sense, seeing as how the only reason someone would possibly vote for McCain was because they were actually, at-heart, a bigot. You know. A racist.

Just sitting here wondering how someone like Jim Meek actually makes it through each and every day, how he actually manages to function in the world. It must be hard with that kind of burning intellect. But, then again, I suppose we each have our cross to bear.

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Kris, in New England said...

Yeah because that's the only reason we Americans choose our Presidents -the color of their skin.

If Obama loses (please make it be so) it will be because he's unqualified. Not because he's black. Which probably means I'm racist because I think that way.