Thursday, November 20, 2008

Global Warming Has Left The Province

After a few weeks of on-again/off-again 20 degree Celsius weather (that's close enough to 70 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends), winter officially arrived last night.

I left home yesterday morning in a sweatshirt and jeans and by the afternoon was wondering why on earth I hadn't thought to bring a rain coat.

I had rectified that by late afternoon when I went to take the Blue Jay to her riding lessons and it was raining pretty good. But after my respite break which consisted of reading my current Tom Clancy novel in my favourite Just Us Cafe, I walked outside to snow.

I mean Snow. Did I mention The Snow?

That's about the time when I started to wonder why on earth I wasn't wearing a heavier jacket. And maybe some boots to go with. I was glad when we finally made it home because by that point there was a real little blizzard going.

And while I can't really understand how, in 2008, motorists could be stranded - some for upwards of 15 hours - along a 10 kilometre stretch of highway known as the Cobequid Pass, I think it is safe to officially state that 'Global Warming Has Left The Province'.


tam said...

how ridiculous is that MMC? A friend of mine was stranded for 15 hours - got stopped at 5:15 and started to move at 8:30 am yesterday morning. Umm, last time I checked, we lived in NS - land of the snow and ice. Somebody seriously dropped the ball there.

We're heading over the pass today - but we'll just drop the truck in 4 wheel drive and go off road if we have to!!!!

Love ya.
tam x0

Kris, in New England said...

I see the same thing here in CT every so often. People stuck on major highways for hours and hours. It's so strange.

And we've had the same kind of rapid and extreme temp change here as well. It was in the high 60s a couple of weeks ago. This week? Barely reached 40. This weekend we won't hit 30 and the wind chill will put us in the teens.

Oh yes, and snow is in our forecast for Thanksgiving Day.