Monday, January 26, 2009

Business Hours

The sign on the sidebar should say it all:

SOME DAYS On Afternoons, We Aren't Here At All,
But Lately We've BEEN HERE
Just About All The Time
Except When We're Someplace Else,
But We SHOULD BE HERE Then, Too.
Yeah. Lately, not so much it seems, eh?

Well, in my defence, I have been busier than usual on the other blawg. And those posts tend to take a lot more time to throw together, so you only look like half ways like a babbling idiot, as opposed to a full-on fool.

And there's much to consider, to ponder, in our world today.

For example, there's always the worry as to exactly what the newly-minted President might decide to do with all those former Guantanamo prisoners. I mean, let's get real here, it's not like they're all a bunch of innocent boy scouts about to descend upon the world.

So, just to be clear, just in case anyone comes up with any bright idea to send them North ... umm, no, I don't think so.

And I see the boys are back at work. Or so they say, anyway. Any chance they will be able to play nicely? You best get your act together, do the job you're paid to, I think.

After all, there is lots is up in our little corner of the world. Such as the vast oil sands appear to be drying up, putting many of my fellow Cape Bretoners out of work (okay, okay, I consider myself to be an honourary Cape Bretoner).

And so here I sit, pondering a new world order. And how we are going to pay those oil bills which keep adding up in this cold, cold winter.

Pondering the allure of that unattainable southern beach.

And so it is.
Sometimes a girl just has to do what needs to be done.
Executive decisions cry out to be made.

Just where is this heading, you wonder. Why to a nice long weekend mini-vacation, of course. After all, they do say that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, do they not?

Yes, yes they do. And I think they might just be on to something there. But first I must research. Find out what's really going on. Even take an extra day (Sunday perhaps) to collect and ponder over the research. Make the sacrifice.

So come Friday, I will saddle up [sans hubbie and children] and head off to the South Shore, the no doubt cold and frigid South Shore. But that's okay. Because I will be amongst friends. And there will good food. And better drink. A pool. A whirlpool. In other words, all the essentials of life.

Wish me well. And if I don't see you before then, I will catch ya on the flip side, okay?

Update: Good (albeit unexpected) news in today's mail. Our monthly furnace oil payments are actually going down! Hmm, perhaps a few more days away, just for research purposes, of cousre, is called for in this happy situation. Something else to ponder...


tam said...

I am so looking forward to this weekend! If you've read my blog (which was very nasty, even for me) I'm sure you'll understand why!

Although, that's only one small reason - I just want to go away!

MMC said...

I was just about to drop you an email, my friend.

Yeah, umm, I did read your blog last night. Must say that I've never seen that side of you before. You're not planning on bringing along anything that could be used as a weapon, are you? :D

tam said...

you're not a nobody! sorry. I guess in my rant I forgot that I did indeed have one loyal follower...although, given my current pyschotic state of mind, you might not want to follow for too long. hah.

the only weapon I'm bringing this weekend is me.....I'm dangerous enough on my own.

hahah - it will be fun.

Casdok said...

Sounds like you going to have an interesting time! Have fun.
And love your opening lines!

doorkeeper said...

Hope you had a great time, and are refreshed.

Nope, not gonna send the Gitmo guys to you...but if Rep. Murtha has his way, I might need another place to live....sure, they'd be 4 hours drive away...but that's too close.