Friday, January 30, 2009

Justice At Last?

While it may bring some sense of closure and justice to many of the followers of this story, I'm not sure it can do much for 12 year old Karissa Boudreau.
"Mommy, don't," were the last words Karissa Boudreau spoke as her mother strangled her to death in the woods outside of Hebbville, N.S.
Her mother, Penny Boudreau, pled guilty to first degree murder in her child's death. As I read these words, my stomach clenches and turns. How can it not?

Tensions between the mother and daughter had ran high ever since Karissa had moved father's house inShelburne County in November, 2007.

MacCumber, according to the statement of facts, had told Boudreau that living in their apartment felt cramped with her daughter around.

Boudreau then decided to kill her daughter, court heard.

She drove her daughter to a Sobey's parking lot, where she phoned her boyfriend to say Karissa had gone missing.

Boudreau then drove to nearby Hebbville, where she chased her daughter of the red Dodge Neon, forced her to the ground, and choked her with a piece of twine.

Court heard she could feel her daughter struggling beneath her.

With her daughter's body slumped over in the front seat of her car, Boudreau drove to a Tim Horton's and threw out the twine in a coffee cup. She then drove to the LeHave River and disposed of Karissa's body, court heard.

At Lex's, the questions if often asked and re-asked," Where do we find such men?", after reading of the heroic actions of so many in the military. People who respond, in the heat of combat, to protect their comrades, often at the risk (or even loss) of their own lives.

Last February, I asked for people to show some compassion for a woman whose child had just died and in honour of Karissa and her family, not to immediately accept and repeat the horrific rumours which swirled around her.

Today my mind can only barely form the questions, "How could a mother possibly do this to her own child?", "How do such people manage to live with themselves, to even allow themselves to draw their next breath?", "Where, indeed, do we find such scum who mascarade as human?'.

Perhaps I am suppose to feel some sort of pity or compassion for this so-called mother. To grieve for Karissa while thinking that there must have been horror in Penny Boudreau's background or some uncontrollable mental illness that caused her to do what she did. Perhaps there was. But at this moment I can pull up no emotion for this woman other than repulsion, disgust and horror.

My youngest daughter is 12 years old. I would, without a second thought, give my life for her. As I would for her older sister. As would their father. As difficult as life can be, as much as having two teenagers in your home can, at times, cause you to wonder if one of these days they are going to push you over the edge ... I could never even imagine actually harming either one of them.

I'm sorry, Karissa. So, so sorry for so many things.

One of them being for the fact that you never actually had a mother. That woman, who gave birth to you and partially raised you, who I am sure you loved as a child loves their mother. That woman. Was. Not. A. Mother.


Anonymous said...

May I ask..

Why do you even care if there was so horror in the mothers past.

Would you ask the same question if the boyfriend had killed Karissa. No you wouldn't have. He would have been called a monster

There is a saying I heard a while ago.

"When men kill they are demonized, when women kill they are analyzed" said...

I cannot believe that a woman would or could do this to any child, let alone her own flesh and blood. Hopefully justice will be served in places that the legal system can not go.

Balancing Act said...

I find it so difficult to imagine a parent taking their own child's life. It is beyond even my worst nightmare. My own life would be incomplete without hearing the laughter of my children each and everyday.

As much as she may have had a horrible life that may explain her lack of love for her own child there is such a basic instinct of do no harm to others that I just can't get past.

tam said...

To Anonymous: Last time I checked, this was a blog - therefore, the writer has the right to write her own opinion. While you have the right to leave your opinion, I suggest you also have the right to hear other opinions on your opinion.

So, here's my opinion. Any person, be it mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend..whatever the relationship - who kills a innocent child...deserves whatever they get.

Do you even know this blogger? I'm betting you don't. But I do, and I can assure you she would have the same comments/concerns/questions about the "boyfriend" too.

Furthermore, yes, it is always more shocking when a mother kills a child. Speaking as a mother, I can't imagine ever doing harm to my children - children I carried in my own body, who are my flesh and blood.

So, "Anonymous", I suggest you go back to whatever rock you crawled out from.

MMC said...

Thanks Tam, but that's okay. It was a fair question and I don't mind it. I actually planned to answer it in my next post which I haven't got to yet. Which is still my plan. ;-)