Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colour Me Green

Yeah, I still have more to say on the Karissa Boudreau story. That will come later. Hopefully tomorrow.

But for now, I'm afraid, you really need to colour me green. A deep, dark shade of green. Check this out.

And then. Then I could die happy, says I.

H/T to SpazSinbad at NeptunusLex and, in fairness, a link to Brian Terwilliger's site

Update: Click on the FullScreen on the bottom right of the video screen. It is so worth it for the great photography.


tam said...

I'll be flying Tuesday and I had better not see anything like this! haha

tam :)

Lex said...

Too many "u"'s in "color"


MMC said...

Hey, Lex, it ain't my fault youse guys can't spell...
But you sure can fly! :D