Saturday, December 12, 2009


Courtesy of the place where I jumped this past summer.

Brings back memories, it does.

Even a little bit of the nausea when they landed.

But the girl with the big smile. Nah, that wasn't me.

Which reminds me, how come we had the WWII looking helmets and goggles and the guys we jumped with wore what looked like motorcycle helmets and sunglasses?

In other words ... we played the part of the geeks. They looked cool.


tam said...

do you really come in that fast? 'cause the ground got really close, really fast.
Never ever in a million years would I do such a thing.

MMC said...

I had to re-watch the video to answer that one. I guess it looks fast on the video. When I did it I was too busy arguing with Moo (who kept getting more and more insistent) that my legs were up as far as they would go to really notice. But, yeah, I guess it does some up a little fast. That part wasn't at all scary or alarming though. Probably because I knew there was not a thing I had to do when we hit. We had to land on his feet, not mine.

BTW I got a kick out of those repeated hugs in the video. Do you think maybe that's why those guys work there? For the free hugs? :D