Saturday, May 22, 2010


The May Long Weekend. The first official unofficial weekend of summer.

There's nothing quite like it.

It's hard to describe, somehow it always feels a little more special, being the first weekend that beckons of what lies ahead.

So, here I sit, having just finished a bbq, musing about the afternoon I spent with the girls. It's funny how, if you tried to plan this stuff, it wouldn't work. But when you least expect it? Yeah, that's when it happens.

The Kit Kat is still, in many ways, a Tomboy. And yet, at 14, she has also entered the teenage world in way too many ways. But still, a Tomboy.

So I was more than a little surprised when, after I forced her to try on an old pair of her sister's shorts to see if they might fit her, she declared that she liked her legs. Okay. We were up on my room and lay on the bed chatting and laughing for awhile until I finally decided I had to get something done.

At which point she disappeared, reappearing in a different pair of shorts and a very nice black form fitting t-shirt (with a colourful zebra on the front, nice but hard to describe) and hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looks really good with her hair pulled back but she rarely does it. After considering her it for a while, I told her that she had a dancer's body. She seemed to like that.

Then it was jewelry (this is so not a jewelry type of girl), various bracelets which she tried on while I painted her toenails. Well, she asked. Insisted actually. But the Kit Kat and painted toenails, not so much.

But her grad dance (for middle school) will be next month and as much as she despises shopping for clothes, I hear her musing about what she needs to buy for the dance. I know she won't get too dressed up (I will be thrilled if I can get her out of jeans) but still ... when she said she would like a manicure (another first), I suggested that I might just be willing to pay for both a mani and a pedi if she would wear something to the dance that actually showed off her toes ie) not sneakers. Not sure how much luck I will have there but I did plant the seed.

So it's been a nice weekend (so far, almost one-third of it gone). Yeah, I had a long list of things "to do" for this long weekend but I am much more inclined to just chill at the moment and spend some time with my girls, who are growing up much too fast.

Play station, anyone?


Sarah said...

Sounds like the perfect day Michelle. Your are right in that the unplanned are usually the best. Last weekend we decided that though there was much to do we needed to take the day off and go to the zoo with the kids. Some things have to wait. The laundry list of things will always be there and the worst that can happen is that it gets a little longer.

Kris, in New England said...

Chores will always be there. Spending time with your children - or your spouse or your friends, whatever fits your life - is the most important thing.

While we didn't have the long weekend this past (that's for the coming weekend) we too had a weekend filled with plans and things that needed to be done.

And we did very little of it. A last minute gathering with our dearest friends on Saturday took priority. Church on Sunday then an impulsive decision to stay after service for Bible study. Then a movie then ice cream - and only the movie was planned for Sunday.

And yet I feel that this past weekend was one of the most productive we've had in a long time.

It's all in your perspective. Parties, movies and feeding your soul are definitely more fulfilling than staining the new woodwork!