Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lost in Space

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Like over a week. Not good, I know.

Unfortunately, it don't be looking much better at the moment.

My brother is down for the week. That's right - him of the movies, Play Station games, eating out, Play Station games, board games, drinking, chatting fame. Meaning my amazingly-free schedule is taken up with other things. You know the drill.

Not that I'm complaining any. It's fun. It's just that it doesn't bode so well for the whole blogging thing, particularly when I have been so notably absent the past few months.

Oh well, I probably shouldn't worry my pretty little head about it. After all, chances are there likely ain't anyone coming around here anymore to check things out anyway.


On the off chance there is, I might just mention that earlier today my brother was showing me the pictures he took of my little free falling adventure last summer. The ones he had been promising to email me but never had. Because he still hasn't taken them off his camera, like.

Meaning that, at the moment, the plan is not to let him out the door of this place until I get those pictures off his camera. And on this here 'puter.

And although I can't promise to share many with you (trust me when I say that I really don't look so good in a flight suit and WWII-type helmet and goggles), you might just see one or two.

If y'all come back again, that is.


tam said...

I'm always here...and I want to see those pictures! LOL


Kris, in New England said...