Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So? Whaddya think??

Do you like it? Huh, do you?

Yeah, Blogger has recently come out with some mega new designer templates but I never really had a chance to look at them until the other day. And then, cautious by nature, I had to consider it for a few days before I got brave to try a change. Because what would happen if I decided I didn't like it?

Well, apparently hopefully you can change back to your original template. Or so they say. Even though they don't appear to offer them any more.

Whatever. I took the plunge.

So what do you think? Do you like it?

I do. Although something tells me, with so many to choose from now, I might just be updating the look of my blogs to go along with all the holidays. Or at least the seasons.

Hmmm. Makes me wonder ... you don't suppose they any Canadian flag backgrounds, do you?


tam said...

I do!!! I do like it!!! I really really do!!!!

MMC said...

Good to see you, Tam. I've missed you!

tam said...

I've been here.....I tried to comment on something a while ago, but for some reason couldn't. I figured you'd know I was lurking somewhere out here in cyber-space!

Casdok said...

Oh wow! New look is fab!!