Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heating Up

Although I'm not totally sure that the above title isn't just wishful thinking on my part (I know it definitely isn't when it comes to the weather ... sheesh), things appear to be heating up on the other side of my life - the legal side.   Or, more specifically, my legal passion.

Assuming I have any faithful readers left, you might recall that I spoke of creating a legal guardianship kit that families could use to obtain guardianship of a loved one with a disability without incurring the exorbitant cost of hiring a lawyer.  Well, I am pleased to advise that said Kit is, indeed, done. 

Silly me, I thought creating the Kit would be the difficult part.  Nope, turns out the harder part comes now.

Although I am not quite ready to release the Kit for public consumption (I am having a couple of lawyers who deal a lot with guardianship review the materials and will then register an official copyright), I now realize I have to figure out how to market the darn thing.  And apparently that means figuring out the who/what/when/where/how of a website where the Kit can be purchased and downloaded.

But (and here comes the good news) yesterday I received a completely unsolicited email from a group who would like me to do a presentation for them on guardianship.  And that is a very interesting development considering I have been scheming to hatch working on a plan on how to do similar presentations around the province, both as a way of educating people on the issues around guardianship and promoting the Kit.

The other interesting development (also yesterday) was an email from a person representing one of the groups that was successful in obtaining the government bid I spoke about earlier (alas, it was not meant to be us).  He had come across the blawg and was wondering if I could assist with finding host groups for their presentations.  At which point it occurred to me that what his group will be presenting about (the RDSP) would actually tie in quite nicely with a disability group offering three separate sessions to their members - one on guardianship, one on the RDSP and one on Henson Trusts. 

So, yeah, a little more scheming thinking going on there at the moment.

To be Continued ...


aksmom41 said...

Very cool MMC!

doorkeeper said...

still proud of you....and wishing it was available HERE!

Kris, in New England said...

It all sounds so perfect - so happy for you!