Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Mini-Me

The good news is that I'm busy.

The bad news is that I still don't seem to be blogging.

I took the week "off" work - meaning I'm not going into the city for a day of work and I'm ignoring the work I would usually do at home, as well.

But it's far from a week off...

I took a break from the paying work (which I can ill-afford to do) because I just have too much STUFF to do. And the plan is to get it done this week. So far. So far, so good.

Everyone is familiar with those Legal Will kits you can buy, right?
Personally I don't have much use for them. I figure they might be fine if you have a very straight-forward situation - I am dividing all my assets between A and B - but not if it's much more complicated than that.

But that aside, I am in the process of attempting to creating a Legal Guardianship kit. Guardianship has become a big issue in the disability community in Nova Scotia with the advent of the RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan). Although personally I think it should have been an issue long before now.

At any rate, it's an expensive proposition for parents contemplating getting court-ordered guardianship of their challenged young adult son or daughter. And it struck me that it shouldn't necessarily have to be so.

Particularly in cases where the young adult is very low functioning, it should be relatively easy for parents to do this for themselves. Without a lawyer. And without what for many families is a prohibitive cost. But with, of course, a little help from their friends. Because we all need that, right?

And so it that I am now knee deep in precedents for such a kit. Nothing like good clean fun.

And then, of course, it is income tax time again. Being self-employed, that means adding up a lot of receipts. Did I mention that there are a lot of receipts?

Then there's other stuff going on as well, like attempting to help my other half deal with a situation where even though he has worked in an industry for 30 years, he is now required to take a 4 hour test to become certified. Which, as unappealing as that might be, grows exponentially worse when you dropped out of school as soon as you could. And have a learning disability. Yeah, so that's fun.

So such is my life at the moment. Busy, busy, busy.

Notice I've conveniently neglected to mention the health issue ... it's still there but quite frankly I'm too busy to pay much attention to it at the moment. Unless it becomes particularly demanding. Which it does on occasion.

Still though, reading this morning's newspaper accounts of the rapes of women and girls (as young as 2 years of age) in Haiti made me want to ...

To say nothing of our priorities being so totally screwed up ...

Well we won't go there right now, will we? No, we won't. Because we have the luxury of neither having the time or the energy. Which must seem like quite the luxury to those desperate abused Hatian women.

So yeah. This is what you get at the moment.

Mini- me.


Kris, in New England said...

MMC - I'm betting that an active "mini you" is still pretty formidable.

MMC said...

Thanks. Some days more than others, I suppose.