Sunday, March 21, 2010


Thank goodness for my handy dandy site meter!

Mulling through it this evening I noticed that someone had spent a fair bit of time and quite a few page views on Free Falling for just coming off a Google image search.

Curious, I clicked on their entry page. And reminisced through this post.

Reminisced to the point that I clicked back over to Kaboom.

Not sure exactly why I went there, perhaps just to hear the Killers once again. But, boy, was I glad I did!

Did you know that Lt G Capt G Matt is blogging again?!

Better even than that (hard to imagine, I know) .... drum roll please ... KABOOM (the book) is out.

Finished. Published. Ready to rock and roll. And, of course, read.

So yeah, if case you couldn't tell, I'm stoked!

Because even though I just ordered (and am awaiting the arrival of) six books from Amazon, now I have another one I need.

As in. I. Need. It. Now. Can't. Wait.

Must. Find/ Money. Tout suite.

Update: If you're not familiar with Kaboom and are wondering what all the fuss is about, this is your required reading. Because it starts at the beginning of his deployment. No, you can't start with what he's written today (he's no longer in the military) and work backwards. That simply will never do. And don't think you can simply sneak off and do that and I'll never know the difference. I got my eyes on you.

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