Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today's the day. It's here. It. Has. Arrived. Most definitely.

I think.

Yeah, I may have been somewhat ambivalent with the concept (let alone overwhelmed in the part of my life that requires the actual "doing") of applying for guardianship of the Blue Jay.

Don't get me wrong. I know I have to do it.

My own ... ambivalence (and I'm really not sure what that is all about - ambivalence from She Who Preaches the Need to Seriously Consider and Decide How to Manage the Legal Relationship with Your Adult Child?) aside, it needs to be done.

Sooner. Rather than later.

And yet, somehow, She Who Created a Legal Guardianship Kit So Families with Absolutely No Legal Experience, Background or Training At All Can Apply for Guardianship Without Incurring the Cost of a Lawyer has managed NOT to do anything (and let's be clear here, I mean ANYTHING) about it in the past five weeks since the Blue Jay turned 19.

But having one big at-the-last-minute-total-surprise project off my plate (or as far off the plate as I can possibly make it go - after a presentation to the Camp's Board of Directors last evening I refuse to think about it any more right now ... uh uh, nope, you can't make me) and having an entire week before being scheduled to make a presentation (that I am totally unprepared for, by the way) to the Student Services Co-ordinators from around the Province ... I mean, really, what excuse could I possibly have for not starting the paperwork today?

Other than the fact that I desperately need to market my new business more ("more" as in so I have some actual work because I don't have any at the moment) after having worked the last day for my 12+ year client last week? But, hey, let's not get sidetracked here.

Right. Exactly. That's what I thought. No excuse. None.

But first, first I really need a cup of coffee. Then I will check my email again. Because you never know, there might just be something important there. And maybe Facebook, too, because ... you know ... it's Facebook.  'Nuff said.

But then, then I am going to be all over it. Like flies on honey. Like a rug on the floor. Like, like ... wow, I'm tired and those are so bad it's a true blessing for all of us that I can't think of any more.

But you get the point, right?

Cuz I'm going to do this. I am. Honest.

* Okay, sure, it's entirely possible that I could just be valiantly trying to convince myself here. But, then again, it is my blog. And I can cry if I want to. Right?

PS I am seriously considering adding a new label to the blog. How does "Pathetic" sound?


Pogue said...

Take a deep breath while you sip your coffee, then do what you need to do. Your cheering section is still out here...

doorkeeper said...

I know you'll manage, and manage well, M--it IS hard. Here in the States, we must/should have it accomplished by the 18th birthday, to avoid issues. And it requires sitting before a judge, lots of questions, and many private tears.

But after, there's a quiet pride in being able to say, YES, I speak for him.

Nothin' pathetic about you.


MMC said...

What would I do without my cheering section? Seriously, thanks Pogue.

Doorkeeper, Boston it is. But not until AFTER I get guardianship, right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I will never be as good a writer as you. Efficient maybe, but not as eloquent. And, no, erase pathetic from your vocabulary. Replace it with "Warrior Mom" because that's what you are.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I love your sense of humor... that is essential when dealing with tough issues! When I read the last sentence... my immediate reaction was that YOU are FAR from pathetic.

As for the author avoiding the act:
"We teach best what we most need to learn."
Richard Bach - Illusions

Renee Boisvert

MMC said...

Wow, never underestimate the power of a cheering section.

Seriously, thanks to you all, I think I wrote the post (subconsciously) in an effort to convince myself to finally do this but your positive comments certainly do help.

And just for the record, as of yesterday afternoon, I finally did start. Key word, start, because unfortunately it really is a process and not something you can just sit down and do in a day or two. Which means I will no doubt need continued motivation to keep at it. And that's exactly why I keep you people around. :D