Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This song.

I must admit that I have only heard it a couple of times on the radio. But, quite frankly, that was a couple of times too many.

I find it annoying.

In a sad, pathetic, grate on my nerves kind of way. If you really have something to say to your President, perhaps you should consider picking up a pen or sitting down at your word processor and actually composing a letter. Or joining a political action group. Whatever. Just, please, don't make me listen to it.

The funny thing is, it's very rare for a song to strike me this way. For example, despite the fairly obvious political bent in the lyrics to 'Waiting on the World to Change', I still basically like the song. Maybe it just has a better tune.

But this one? Please. Be quiet. Go away.


tam said...

Pink's an idiot.......'nuf said.

9 times out of 10 I do not like any sort of political songs. I actually no longer listen to U2 because Bono has become so political. It irritates me that because he thinks he's some high and mighty musician that he can force world leaders to do his bidding. So, whatever Bono! I have trashed all my U2 CD' take that!

But, the Dixie Chicks did a song about Bush and the trouble they got in with their fans, and I love it. are things? Are we getting together this weekend?

tam :)

Kris, in New England said...

Aw, thanx for the linky love. That song by Mayer still annoys me to no end, as does that Dixie Chicks song. Whine whine whine - that's all they do.

MMC said...

Hey Kris, it took me forever to find that link on your site. I knew you had posted it at some point but heck if I could have find it. You must have seen me traipsing all over the place. ;-)