Monday, April 28, 2008

First Impression

Got my dose of plane prOn for the week, I did. Although I must admit, after the first hour I thought this post was going to start with 'Not. Enough. Plane. PrOn.' Fortunately, after the second hour, that was no longer so.

Lex is gambling
hoping that we will get it. I mentioned before that it looked like it would be heavy on the human factor and I was rather surprised to find myself, of all people, thinking that all that human factor was getting a bit boring by the end of the first hour.

So we will see what's to be next. So far, so good, I would say. But we shall see.

Best [paraphrased] quote from last night:
Landing on a carrier at night is like having sex in a car wreck. It's violent. Lots of fun and well worth it, but it's over really quick.

Update: I must admit it did give me a sudden urge to go back and reread Rhythms. Again. So there was that.

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