Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gravedigger Down

A sad note from City Girls' Kaboom Blog.

In a sad mix of irony and fate better suited to the writing style of LT CPT G, the Gravediggers ,who have managed to escape injury in combat despite numerous close calls, have now had one of their members seriously hurt in an accident.

PV2 Hotwheels was seriously injured when a generator ignited, engulfing him in flames. Thankfully, two fellow Gravediggers and a terp [interpreter] came to PV2's rescue and within a couple of days, he was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, suffering second and third degree burns over 60% of his body. Sadly, he has went on to develop infections which have caused serious gastro-intestinal issues.

PV2 Hotwheels’ mother has set up a website which she regularly updates to keep everyone up to date on his recovery. And she has made a most important request ... for prayers from all over to help her son get through this difficult time.

Let's do what we can.
“He was part of the good ole boy contingency of the platoon; young Southern kids that liked teasing their city-boy LT and promised to take me opossum-hunting when we got back to the States.”

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