Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Those leaning to the *right* delight in pointing out Obama's gaffes.

Whereas the *left* delights in poining out McCain's gaffes. Although to its credit, the MSNBC video does point out Obamas' most recent gaffe near the end. But McCain is now portrayed as "Senator Surge"? Pull-eaze.

And what's up with that MSNBC video anyway? Since when has that passed for "reporting" the "facts"? No bias there, eh?

Personally, for me, I tend to lean towards ... they're all nuts!

Of course, I can get away with that as long as it's not my election ... then it might just be another story!

But this video ... I gotta say, I really love this!

H/T to NeptunusLex for that last video link


neardem said...

hee hee hahaha, I too found it hilarious!And its gonna get better ... or did I mean worse? hm whatever .

MMC said...

Good to see you back enjoying the blog again, neardem. Missed ya! Have thee any comments on the "free speech" debate?