Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'All Things Considered, Not A Bad Deployment ...'

Great news, this!

Despite a disappointing second place finish in the Milbloggies, CPT G of Kaboom fame has much to be celebrating ... apparently as a result of the much-deserved media attention resulting when Kaboom was shut down, our favourite [former] blogger received quite a few emails from both publishers and literary agents inquiring as to whether he would like to turn his blog into a book.

I am pleased to report that our good Captain has now signed with New York literary agent William Clark and begun the hard work of revising, editing and adding to the blog material. He hopes to have it ready for publishing houses within the next few months. So how cool is that, I ask you.

For any poor, lost souls that aren't yet acquainted with Kaboom, I can only offer my deepest sympathies. And yet, thanks to Google, you have a second chance. Everything lives on ... and on... and on ... on the internets. So check it out.

And enjoy The Killers while you're at it. Gee, I've missed hearing that music.

So Congratulations, CPT G.

In the words of Kaboom frequent commentor, Grandpa ..."All things considered, not a bad deployment, a book deal and a fiancé." Except he forgot one thing, that should read ... "a book deal, a promotion and a fiance". No, not bad. Not bad at all, sir.

But our work here is not yet done. One blogger published, one to go.

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