Saturday, September 20, 2008

Interesting Take

I've always liked this song, despite it's seemingly political take.

But I found this at Pipecleaner Dreams this morning and it made me stop and think. Even though it's hard to interpret the 'war' reference any other way, it never hurts to realize that perspective is everything.



doorkeeper said...

Good one. It startled me, though. I have deaf relatives, my sister and her daughters all are ASL interpreters for their's just another part of life for me. I've not seen these kinds of problems, discrimination, etc., here...just reinforces my idea that RURAL is the place to live. People are just "nicer" here.
BTW, the "war" reference in the song doesn't bother me--I listened more closely this time, but it still seems to me a longing for a world where no soldier would have to spend Christmas afield--no family miss their sons and daughters. I can agree with that! Perhaps I missed something.

Punkys Dilemma said...

Thank you for this M. This is so very close to me, you know that. Even tho my little one can do nothing more than give me a big smile, I live in the hearing impaired world everyday with her. With or without her hearing aids, I speak to her as if she can always hear me. And she she looks into my eyes.

MMC said...

No, I don't think you missed anything, d. Although I am curious as to when exactly the song was released. Before the US invaded Iraq or after?

Anyway, I do think to a large extent many people hear what they want to hear, or at least what they expect to hear. Although I had noticed the war reference in the song I hadn't given it too much thought until Kris posted about it. Let's just say she was not impressed.

Punky, give your munchkin a little squish from me, please.

Kris, in New England said...

You're right, I am not impressed with the song. The message in this video is very powerful of course, and the perspectiv is dramatic.

But the song - not so much. It's the idea that he says "waiting for the world to change" - rather than doing something about it, he's just waiting for it to get better.

Wanting all the goodies without any of the responsiblities - that's what I get from the song.