Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What He Said

About the style and substance of our federal election, after checking out the various parties' websites:

I didn’t go any further because I’ll be honest; this stuff ticks me off. It’s like kids in a playground sniping at one another. Back and forth, back and forth, each refusing to listen to the other, any reasonable discourse drowned in the din of one kid trying to top the other through volume rather than content.

Maybe that’s why Harper said Parliament was dysfunctional. Too much static, too little clarity. But here’s the funny thing; if, as Prime Minister, he’s supposed to be the guiding light and voice of reason to mediate and resolve these conflicts, can we assume then he just didn’t get the job done?

In fact, he pulled the plug because he didn’t think it was working - at least to his advantage - took his ball and went home.

Bottom line? We need a grown-up to step in and set things right because even children are taught that nonsense like this is intolerable. Attack ads and character assassination do little to define the issues for the voting public. They are essentially a distraction that occludes what’s important and it’s clear that’s exactly what this bunch wants.

I agree.


Balancing Act said...

When you find that adult that is willing to set things straight can you send them over the border to set things striaght here. It is getting scary. Can't wait until November comes although it could be pretty scary too. We can hope for the best and make sure to vote.

MMC said...

Funny, eh? I could have been talking about your election. And you, mine. So perhaps our countries aren't all that different after all?

MMC said...

PS Although your election is a little ... er, make that a fair bit crazier. :D

doorkeeper said...

politicians are people who can't/won't get "real" jobs, and who have enough $ and support to act like children.
I don't turn on the TV or radio anymore. Can't stand it. Would have to go teach some MANNERS!