Sunday, December 14, 2008


I moseyed over to Lex's this evening and read his post on his weekend. A bit of this. A bit of that. With another Christmas tree adventure.

And it saddened me.

I was reminded of a post of Lex's from last year, one where he shared with us a truly good day. Which happened to be the same day that we put up our own Christmas tree. A warm, happy memory.

This year, not so much.

We were going to get a tree today. We had kind of, sort of planned it that way anyway. But although we had a 'good' day (Church in the morning, out for brunch and then a well-wasted well-enjoyed afternoon racing bonding with my daughters over the Play Station), alas, there was no tree.

No tree. No energy. No ambition.

I'm sure we will eventually get a tree. Well, I think we will anyway. Then again, there aren't any Christmas lights up outside (or inside or anywhere else for that matter) here this year. Maybe later. Maybe not.

It's awful hard to get in the Christmas spirit at the moment. My kitchen has imploded with stuff from my Mom's little house. Although we were fortunate to be able to re-rent it quickly, it turned out to be a little too quickly. Which meant a mad dash to get the place cleaned out.

Did I mention the mad dash? Yeah, that was pretty much it. Put your head down, close your eyes, try not to see, try not to think. And for heaven sake, don't stop to comfort your kids when they get upset at Grandma's house. Because if you do, that will most surely be the end of you.

Just. Keep. Going.

So. Here we are. Maybe Hopefully, it will get better. After all, hope springs eternal, right?


llm said...

I love you mmc. Glad you rented the house so quickly, but sad because it kinda shoves everything in your face.

Casdok said...

Just been catching up. Am so sorry to read about your mother.
Hugs to you at this sad time.

Kris, in New England said...

Don't force the decoration thing. My dad died in January 1995, so you can imagine what Christmas 1994 was like. There were no decorations in our house that year - and while it felt odd it was also OK.

I know you have your children to consider, but even they may understand...

I'm keeping you in my thoughts.