Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

... At Least Around Here.

The threat of a big snowstorm (a lovely nor'easter) had them cancelling activities left, right and centre this morning. Even before there was a flake of snow falling. Which always gives me a chuckle.

But this time, the snow did come. Almost on cue. It made for a beautiful Christmasy feeling kind of day, as long as you had no need nor desire to be out and about. And even better if you had the foresight to pick up your Christmas tree yesterday. So it was a great day to put the lights on the tree and decorate inside the house while playing Christmas music. I had told the girls we would finish decorating the tree tonight but, alas, it did not happen. Seems that we need to get a few more lights to make up for the ones that hubby swears were working before he put the strings on the tree. Still, it looks pretty darn good just as it is.

I just love Christmas trees.

The Kit Kat helped her dad with the tree today while I was decorating. And as she danced by me in the kitchen, I caught a glimmer of the happiness in her eyes. She, who is always so much into the next latest thing we should purchase her. So I grabbed at her as she giggled and danced on her way past, gave her a hug and whispered in her ear that this is what Christmas is all about. One of those sweet moments.

And yet at the same time, its been a sad weekend too. The time goes by so fast, these kids of mine can be so difficult one moment and so sweet the next (and why, oh why don't they come with instruction manuals?) and we continue to have a hard time with my mom. Funny, how when time passes, it can cause such happiness and sorrow at the same time.

But then I was informed after supper that it was time to find a Christmas movie cartoon to watch. And so we did. And the day ended on a nice note. And for once, I don't even mind that its pretty likely to be a snow day tomorrow. Because at least I will be able to throw them outside in it.

Yes, this post was inspired by Lex's beautiful post about his Saturday with his family. So here’s to a peaceful Christmas season for you and your families and many, many days of unexpected joy. Because you never quite know just where ithey might be hiding.

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neardem said...

ToMMC: That was a very good description of a day in the life of , during the Xmas Season and I also thank you for your wishes of unexpected joy. I love this, and I love the fact that one never knows when or where, but they do happen :)
Merry Christmas