Thursday, December 20, 2007

Welcome To My World

This is just too good to pass up.
Especially since it seems to perfectly sum up my life recently.

H/T to FbL


doorkeeper said...

Thank you so much for that!!! Not only does it fit in perfectly with our lives....

But my mother used to sing just the chorus of this when I was a child, and I've only heard the full thing about twice. Now, imagine her face when, in a rough time like sitting at hospital with someone dear, when things are all we can bear.....I begin her old song and we can laugh.

Thank you! And God bless.....

tam said...

Hey, I feel your pain my friend.

Thanks for the card, by the way. Being the eternal slacker that I am, I did not send out one single card this year. Not One. I am so very bad. You see, everytime I thought about sending cards, I opened a bottle of wine. So, now I have about 100 Christmas cards and no more wine.

But, if I address them all now, think how prepared I'll be for next year!!

tam :)

MMC said...

So does that mean you drank 100 bottles of wine?! If so, do you want to be my friend?