Friday, December 28, 2007

A Soldier's Wife's Christmas

Recognizing that this is a little late, I just fdiscovered this in the comment section at Sgt Hook's. And since a dear friend's husband will soon be leaving for his second deployment, this time to Afghanistan, I am honoured to post this here.

A Wife’s Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, especially not a mouse.

She kept a tight shift, all chores would be done,
No rodents would be in this house trying to have fun.

She finally got the children to settle down and stay in their beds,
Now she runs through the list of things to do, kept in her head.

She had bought all the presents wrapped them up too,
Balanced the budget, shopped for the food.

She mailed all the cards to family and friends,
Sent a Christmas care package special for him.

She’s been busy of late, checking chores off her list,
Christmas must go on for her two little kids.
School recitals, and plays and church functions too,
Without him she never thought, these were all things she could do.

For a moment she almost nods off,
Sleep lately has been tough.
She remembers a few more details,
The list grows, time is never enough.

She completes her listed chores,
Taskers, As he would say.
And heads off to bed,
Prepped for another Christmas Day.

Now the children wake up, and rush down the stairs,
Mom is already awake, sitting, waiting in his chair.
Kids are excited, there are many presents for them,
Their minds filled with toys, they briefly forget him.

She calms the children down, there is something to be done,
Before they tear into their presents, and begin all the fun.
Lets bow our heads and together we’ll pray,
For your daddy who cant be here, with us today.

A little girls voice asks “Mommy where is he again?”
“Is he still out fighting, all those bad men?”
Yes my dear, he’s still standing his post,
Maybe next Christmas though, he’ll get to stay home.

One by one they open presents,
With new toys they begin to play.
She takes a sip of her coffee and watches,
Although with her children, another lonely Christmas Day.

At the end of the day, it was mission success,
She gave it her all and she had done her best.
The kids now tired and ready for bed,
She tucks them in gently and gives a
kiss on the head.

While this story may sound sad,
They share a common thread.
There are many strong wives out there,
Having yet another Christmas, without their men.

Update: Found this video in my travels, of the same name. It's a beautiful song. You might want to bring your kleenex with, though.


NeoAuteur said...

Very moving! I wish all the people who are about to leave for duty and their families the very best. They really earn it.

neardem said...

How difficult it must be to be a soldier's wife ... I really do feel for them and I wish each and every one of them the very best. Brave women for brave men.
May their New Year be Happy, Successful and Safe.

doorkeeper said...

Just found this.....thanks so much. Couldn't watch the vid right now.....remind me, k?