Monday, December 10, 2007

Wake Up The Politician ... He's Freezing Out There

This headline was on the front page of yesterday's edition of the Daily News.
'We only have one Earth'
Environmental activists in Halifax and around the world send wake-up call to politicians'

But what I can't find online to show you are the two pictures right underneath that headline in the print edition. The first once shows a man laying on a bed with a sign at the foot of the bed ... "WAKE UP THE Politician"

In the next picture the man is shown half sitting up in bed holding a sign that reads "CHANGE is POSSIBLE".

So here's the thing. The bed looks to be either outside or right near some windows. Other people standing around in the picture are wearing winter coats. And when our 'politician' sits up in bed, he too is wearing a winter coat.

Yeah. Its winter time. In Halifax. Nova Scotia. Canada. Cold and snow. I know you can't see the pictures, but can anybody see the irony here?

And no, I'm not saying that there's nothing to the whole concept of global warming, perhaps more accurately termed 'climate change'. But I think the jury is still out on just how much of an issue it really is going to be in the big picture of time, how much we are responsible for it and what we can actually do about it. Sure, we've screwed up with the earth and there are lots of things we need to do better. That's important.

But I do think that some do tend to get a little carried away. A little over the top.

Global warming in Canada. Could be a good thing. As long as Nova Scotia doesn't go below sea level, of course.

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