Monday, December 17, 2007

Bloggers Unite On December 17

Update: My good deed on December 17th, you ask. To put the matter quite simply, I didn't kill anybody. Even if sorely tempted. And you?

For what it's worth.... It seems to be kind of like a random act of kindness, pass it on sort of thing.

And since I'm all about spreading the joy, I hereby declare that you don't have to be a blogger to particpate.

Blogees welcome.
You can post your random act of kindness here.

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Eddie Law said...

What is "H/T" means? Excuse me if this question is silly.

MMC said...

Eddie, it's short for hat tip.
A tip of the hat ... a way to acknowledge or thank someone for a link or an idea that you found on their blog and you use to blog about yourself. Just something I learned from other bloggers.

I have been dropping by your blog off and on for a while. It's interesting to read content from a lawyer in another country. Besides this one, I have another blog which is the more or less professional one. Thanks for dropping by.

Eddie Law said...

Hi Michelle, is me again. Thanks for the explaination. I learn something today, my learned friend...hahaha!

Really interested to know more about your current service to the children community and your practising life previously. would you mind to share more?

MMC said...

Would love to share sometime Eddie, but having a bit of a rough personal life at the moment so perhaps the best I can do for now is to simply point you to my profile on blogger.

Drop me an email sometime if you like and we can chat.

Eddie Law said...

I have read your profile before this. Sure, we can share our life later when you have more spare time.

You may add my msn