Sunday, December 23, 2007


Finally got the house blog all cleaned up and decorated for Christmas ... yes, yes, I realize that some might consider me a little slow.

But don't ya think it all looks nice? Only thing is ... I don't know how I will ever manage to get it all put back the way it was after the New Year.

Oh well, it's my first Christmas blogging, so I guess it's all worth it!


NeoAuteur said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This might be the last time I post a reply under this username.

Balancing Act said...

Michelle - Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and thank for visiting and your good wishes. the stockings are hung, the presents wrapped and the brownies made for Santa. We make brownies because he gets cookies every where else. It is time to go to bed and watch one more "A Christmas Story" one more time.

Punkys Dilemma said...

Ahhhh....and you've got your blog decorated quite beautifully too, I must say! :)
Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Lex said...

Merry Christmas, Michelle!

MMC said...

Thank you all for the good wishes.
And the Merriest Christmas to each one of you and your families.

It's strange to realize that three our of four of you I've 'met' through blogging. And the fourth, being the first I met, in a very special online place and then in person. A very special person.

I am truly blessed.

nerdem said...

Merry Merry Christmas Michele! You have become an amazingly good blogger in a very short time ...and yes, your house does look beautifully decorated :)
May you and yours have your wishes come true in 2008!

unka said...

Merry Christmas Michelle.

Nice outfit!

Kris, in New England said...

Michelle - I hope you day was very merry and bright!

And like you, I thank you for making visits to my site as well. Someday...we'll meet.

MMC said...

Thanks unka.
Funny thing is that I actually thought of you when I put it on, too. Not quite sure what to make of that exactly... ;-)

unka said...

My first HT and My first IF (Internet Flirt).

I have GOT to hang out here more often!