Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Jay and Kit Kat Go To Springforth 2009

On Friday May 8th we took a bus to Moncton New Brunswick. On the way there we stopped at Irving. Me and Kit Kat shared a chocolate milk. Then we had supper on the way there. When we got there we went to Mw Baptist Church. Our worship band for the weekend is Tim Milner. At the end of the night all of us went to Lewisville Baptist church.

The next morning we went to McDonalds for Breakfast. Then we went to Mw Baptist Church. Then we went to Pizza Delight for a lunch buffet. We went back to Mw Baptist church again. At the church we sang worship songs with the band and listened to speakers. When it was over Pastor Jon went on the bus with us on the way back. The bus drivers name was Paul. We picked up the Sr High students at ABU. (Atlantic Baptist University).

Then we went to the mall to shop. When we got there Pastor Jon gives us instructions. We got an hour and a half to shop and eat supper. At 6:15 we went back on the bus to go home. We went to Truro for a pit stop. We had a great time this weekend. The Tim Milner Band was great. We went home with tired faces.

~ The Blue Jay

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