Saturday, May 16, 2009

Warp Speed

Life seems to be flying by at the speed of light lately ... leaving me, I must admit, slightly disoriented.

Work tends to be either feast or famine lately. And sometimes, both at once. As in not enough paying work but a little too much of the pro bono variety.

And then there's the fact that I would muchly like to find create work more in line with what I would actually like to be doing with my life. The problem is that it's not as easy as just going out and finding the job I want. I pretty well have to create it. Which is a fair bit more labour-intensive.

Although I believe I am making some progress in the realm of gaining credibility and making my name known where I need it to be. Last Saturday I was asked to speak on the RDSP at a Caregiver Expo and I was recently asked to do a regular column for a disability newsletter. Which is kind of exciting. And a step in the right direction, I think.

Then there's the fact that the Blue Jay moves on to high school next year. Meaning meetings and various issues to get my head around. Some big issues. One of which I just found out about this past week and which definitely needs a plan of attack. As soon as I can get the time to figure one out, that is.

It would always be good to spend some one-on-one time with the girls, of course.

And it's spring. Okay, almost summer. And although it's nice to feel some warm sun on the face (and other body parts which have heretofore been covered with layers of warm clothing) it would be nice to get some flowers planted and the yard cleaned up a bit. To say nothing of the house.

I hate to let the blogs suffer though. Because I really do enjoy blogging. And when one stops posting in at least a semi-regular manner, one tends to lose their semi-regular readers. Which rather sucks.

Nonetheless we soldier on. We constantly create and update the perennial 'to do' lists. And promise ourselves that we will answer those emails. This weekend. Honest. Of course, we're also going to get that work done this weekend, too. Both the paying job and the non-paying-but-oh-so-important one. And, lest we forget, the laundry. Must. Do. That. Too.

Did I mention it's my husband's birthday tomorrow?

Which means besides picking up the cake, a card and a few question mark candles tomorrow (the Kit Kat and I have decided that the inscription will read "You're how old???"), I probably should make sure I wrap those presents tonight. Oops, better get at that.

Oh yeah, I bought myself a new bike today. Haven't had a decent one in years. Which, it's been a bit longer than that since I actually rode one. But I got out for a bit of a ride today with the kids and I hope to do some more this weekend if it doesn't rain. And I get some of that other stuff done.

But never fear. I'll be back.

Just as soon as I get some shopping done.

Why is it that I can't seem to keep those kids in clothes anyway?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to make plans for your Parachute jump!


MMC said...

Good to see you back again, unka. This summer or fall for sure ... think I could find an aircraft to jump out of in Oshkosh?

tam said...

Hey MMC! I sold my motorbike and have gone back to the ol' pedal power myself. And I've started running. Very empowering for me. Don't ask me why, because I don't know yet.

And I've deleted my blog. Too much negativity for me I guess.

Happy Birthday to the old guy!

love ya!

Anonymous said...

I am sure there will be skydiving at Oskosh. I doubt that they'll be training newbie's, but you never know they just might. If I were you I'd google around and see what kind of activities they have planned for the week.