Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mini Me

Finally. I finally got to witness an actual airshow, albeit a mini one. But still, you know, the kind where planes actually fly. In formation. And inverted on occasion.

Yeah, I really like inverted.

This past Wednesday, CFB Greenwood offered a free mini air show as part of their celebration of Canada's Centennial of Flight. Where we were treated to the Snowbirds (our version of the Blue Angels, for those not in the know) and one incredible CF 18 Hornet.

And I loved it!

I had only briefly seen the Snowbirds fly a few formations this past September. So it was great to watch all their tricks.

And after reading so much about the Hornet at Lex's but having seen only picture and video (and, of course, that great docudrama which was Jetstream), it was amazing to finally watch one fly for real.

Gawd, that sucker is loud. And amazing.

All in all it was a great afternoon. A beautiful blue sky, not a cloud in sight, picture-perfect day. And the Snowbirds ... well, to tell you the truth, I think they were a little sweet on us.

A good time was had by all. Most particularly me. Because that's important you know.

And although most all of the above pictures were taken by my camera-happy photographically-inclined friend, I did get a few shots. Which were of a little better calibre than the last time I tried.

Including [barely] one of that elusive CF-18.

And this last one, by the way, is a replica of the original Silver Dart first flown by John McCurdy on February 23, 1909.

Which was pretty cool, in and of itself, I thought.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time.

I get to get up close and personal with Military Aviation all night long. As a matter of fact,I'm going to go and crawl all over an A-10 right now.


John M said...


Surprise, surprise!! I found your blog!!! Glad you had a chance to catch the Snowbirds' routine. Loved the shot of the 18 in those great colors. Looking forward to Oshkosh with you!


Your Bro

MMC said...

Thanks for the comment, Bro.
Feel free to drop back sometime.
Oshkosh?? Did you say Oshkosh?!
Oh yeah ... :D