Saturday, January 1, 2011

And Anudder ... And Anudder ...

As in Anudder Year in a Blog, right?

You know the drill ... the first sentence (or paragraph, depending on my mood) of the first post for each month of 2010. Drum roll please ...

January: It's New Years Day, eh?

February:  Since I've posted.

I suppose it might be time to do something about that.

Ya think, DiNozzo?

March:  It being the 6th day of March.
And this song playing on the radio this morning.

It is now our theme song for the day.

**Now renamed 'Canadian Dream'.
What? You gotta problem with that?**

** April:

May:  I've watched with some degree of bemusement as racism seems to grow into a bigger and bigger issue on almost daily basis in the US. Or, perhaps I should not say so much a bigger and bigger issue as much as more and more the 'call of the day'. The only explanation for everything that happens.

June:  It's been a while, hasn't it?

Like over a week. Not good, I know.

Unfortunately, it don't be looking much better at the moment.

** July:

August:  Having just returned from a 10-day vacation to Cape Breton Island a few days hence (yes, it was a great trip, thanks for asking), I shake my befuddled head and wonder Why, oh why, does "re-entry" seem to get more and more difficult as the years pass?

September:  It's the first day back to school for the crew and, alas, I am feeling too sick to appreciate it at the moment.

October:  I see that Nova Scotia's automobile insurers are crying in their champagne beer again, this time over the Dexter's government minor changes to the "minor injury" cap. Oh dear, what can the matter be? Cue the world's smallest violins.

November:  That's about all I have to say for now.

The trip was wonderful. I must be a very visual person as I tend to take an immediate like or dislike to a city. Based on things like trees and parks. And water. Water is very important.

And so it was that I fell hard for Boston.

December:  I sure can. So. So. Jealous.

** Note that some months just left me speechless, eh?


doorkeeper said...

Here's to 2011--may it bring much joy and fun, like Boston, and may it forget to bring the misery.

Eileen said...

Dear MMC, I haven't been visiting for a while now but, here's toasting to the New Year! And as Doorkeeper says... may it forget to bring the misery. Already getting close to the beginning of february ... is it me? or does time really fly.

MMC said...

Time flies at the speed of a F-18, I do believe. :D
Good to see you back, Eileen. Don't be a stranger!