Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year in a Blog

It's New Years Day, eh?

And since I am feeling the pressure to write something ... anything really ... we're going for a repeat of last year.

It's the first sentence of the first post for each month of 2009.
December - Good day.
My computer is in for service (and we all know what that's like) so I am using the one I have relegated to the girls down the basement.

November - Forgive me, please, but I am feeling like I am just a little bit lost in the twilight zone at the moment.

October - Apparently the Supreme Court of Canada docket is ripe with freedom-of-the-press issues this fall.

September - I put off blogging about this particular issue because, quite frankly, it troubles me.

August - I do believe I'm in love.
That's all.

July - I AM Canadian.
And Proud of it.
And yet, today, that pride is tinged with sadness

June - D-Day. The invasion of Normandy.
We have heard those words bandied around a lot today as the 65th anniversary of the "liberation of Europe".

May - My brother is determined to teach me to fly. Okay, not for real (how cool would that be?) but on the computer, play station or some other reasonable facsimile.

April - As much as the word "retard" does personally bother me (and believe me, it does), I must admit that I do rather think that this campaign to "Ban The R Word" is a bit misguided.

March - It's funny how life forces you to go on. Whether you actually want to or not.

February - Yeah, I still have more to say on the Karissa Boudreau story. That will come later. Hopefully tomorrow. But for now, I'm afraid, you really need to colour me green. A deep, dark shade of green. Check this out.

January - Dear Lord, please give me…
A few friends who understand me and remain myfriends;
Yeah, okay, I cheated just a bit on some of them.
So, sue me. Go ahead. I'm sure I can find a lawyer. Laying around somewhere.

Know what else I noticed?

In 2009, I blogged 129 posts. Okay. I guess.
Except that in 2008, it was 254 posts.

Yeah, almost double. So whaddya make of that now?

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