Saturday, January 2, 2010

MMC Top Video Picks From 2009

Continuing with the theme of blogging in 2009 (not that I thought it was a particularly good year but it just seems to fit my mood at the moment), I have decided to [re]share with you some of my favourite posted videos.

This one shouldn't be too surprising. I am, after all, a Canadian.

But I must say, Thank God for Lex and the flying videos he shares. What would I do without him (and FbL)? Well, stop turning green every so often I suppose.

And, me being me, I figure it's always good to be able to kick back and laugh at ourselves, no?

Then there's Remembrance Day. Each and every one, I return to Telly Kelly. Beautiful. Touching. So true.

And saving for last, those issues I feel so strongly about.

In that vein, I see that unfortunately one of my favourite videos has been removed from YouTube. Made by Sarah Palin for Special Olympics, I found I could watch it over and over.

It's not that I'm particularly a fan of hers (although I did recently purchase her book at a very good price and it's next on my to-read list) but I love watching and listening to her talk about her infant son and their hopes and dreams for him, not just in Special Olympics but in all aspects of his life.

And what clearly shines through (at least for me, perhaps because I so know how true it really is) is how Special Olympics will give that child and so many others like him so, so much.

A place to belong.

A place to excel.

A place where he will find true friends.

A place where he is valued for who is, not just what he can or cannot do.

A place where he is just like everybody else. Just another kid having fun as kids are meant to do.

So yeah, it's pretty special to me. Too bad it has disappeared.

At any rate, there you have it. My video picks for 2009.

And now, perhaps, just perhaps, it's time to move on to 2010?

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