Sunday, January 10, 2010

Folllow The Leader

Moseying over to Kris' place this morning, I came across her post on Shelfari - a social networking site for book lovers might be the best way to describe it, I suppose.

It allows you to build a virtual bookshelf of books you have read, are reading and would like to read; rate your books and share them with others; check out others' recommendations and even join groups of readers with similar interests.

Social networking sites have most definitely not worked for me in the past.

I joined Facebook after relentless non-ending continued urging from a few friends, and had a bit of fun with it for a short while but soon grew bored.

I found the most interesting feature to be my friends' updates - one friend, in particular, could craft some hilarious updates in the confines of a line or two. Other than that, I joined the Support the Canadian Military group, scribbled the occasional note on the occasional wall; spent a fair bit of time taking care of my 'pet', wandered off and patted others' pets to earn money to feed mine and decorated for Christmas (this would have been a couple of years ago).

Shortly after that I discovered blogging and my visits to Facebook became fewer and further between. Until I stopped going completely. And when it looked like someone might have hacked my account, I made a quick exit.

Blogging was so much more interesting and fun; there was absolutely no comparison in my mind. And, amusingly enough, when I closed my Facebook account, I had the same number of 'friends' as when I started three or four months previously. I just couldn't get into that aspect of it; it just wasn't my thing.

But I am an avid reader, no doubt about that.

So I decided to join up. How long will I last?

We shall see, I suppose.


Kris, in New England said...

Welcome to your new time-hole!

Actually I like this Shelfari - you should send a friend request to Sarah H., from my Shelfari friend list. She is the Sarah of "Balancing Act".

Balancing Act said...

So glad you joined Michelle. I was the one that got Kris to join. I only go to see what others are reading to get ideas. I don't really use it as a social network other than ideas for books. So glad you found me.

MMC said...

Me, too!
Kris sicked me on to you. LOL