Sunday, June 1, 2008

Amazing Figure

Wow! Here's something definitely worth writing home about.

Now if only they (and we and us) could bring that same type of "improved security" situation to Afghanistan. Did we ever get those extra Marines, by the way? Because if anybody's listening, I think we sure could use them.

H/T to Lex


PeterGunn said...

Hi M,

I'm so happy to see you use the "we" word when it comes to fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Don't you just wish WE had more support from some of the NATO members... ie, France, Germany, etc?

WE are definitely in this together:

Our eldest is coming home from 3 years in Germany this September, a Captain in the Medical Corps. She could just as easily have been sent to "A" except for the support of the Canadians. As it is, she'll be near home for the first time in 8 years of Army service.

Thank You to Canada for helping with that! Your servicemen allow for some of ours to be home.

MMC said...

Thanks Peter.
Yeah, I rather deliberately chose my use of pronoun there. Because ... well, it's true.

I've written before as to my thoughts about many of the others in NATO not ponying up, but ... you know, I wouldn't dare cop to the obvious at Lex's but, once again, I don't think we have much hope of making the kind of shift we need without a much stronger US presence. And that's even if we had more NATO help. All that being said, I am proud of what Canada is doing in Afghanistan (does it show sometimes?) LOL

That's great news about your daughter. You know, it's not all that often that I have heard an American thank Canada for it's role. Of course, it's probably not too often that I've heard myself (or many other Canadians) thank your country lately either. What goes around comes around maybe? Anyway, thanks. Both for the comment and the acknowledgement.